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About of Speakingoffoodchefjoe.blogspot.com

Thank you for all of our visitor which was been visited this blog. This page we publish to purpose inform all about this blog. Our expectation is this blog can give information about food recipe, drink recipe from typical to modern that exist in the world.
About Us
I want to devote a story about cause of making this blog. First reason is try, try to have a English blog, try write English article by oneself. Speakingoffoodchefjoe Blogspot is first English blog, this blog is recipes blog and plans I want to write all recipes, typical recipes or modern recipes of all country.

The following are the data on speakingoffoodchefjoe.blogspot.com blog:
Date created : Maret 2015, 01
Blog Title : Speaking of Food Chef Joe
Blog Description : Collection of Food Recipes Chef Joe can you get on speakingoffoodchefjoe.blogspot.com
Blog Address : http://speakingoffoodchefjoe.blogspot.com/
Blog Mission : Share and share recipes, special, typical, original and homemade

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